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Portland Home Brewing Supplies and Gift Store

Homebrew ExchangeHomebrew ExchangeHomebrew Exchange (HBX) is a home brewing supply and gift store in North Portland.

We carry supplies for making beer, wine, soda, mead, and cheese. We have many books and magazines, and a collection of recipes that you can look through and take home with you. We also sell unique gifts for beer and wine lovers. See our event calendar for regular classes and demonstrations on how to make beverages and fermented foods at home.

New Website Coming

Time to say your goodbyes to this part of our website. We've been working hard in our spare time to launch an updated site.

In the next week or two, expect to see a completely redesigned site here.

The new site will bring a more modern, simplified design, better mobile experience, and tighter integration with our new web store for home brewing supplies.

What's Your Favorite New Product? 2014 Gift Guide.

2014 Gift Guide2014 Gift Guide
Our staff found some really cool new products for this year's gift guide.

Leather beer carriers for your bicycle. Affordable conical fermenters. CNC Laser-cut wooden six-pack carriers. Freshly-printed T-Shirts. Starter kits.

Check out the full gift guide here.

Learn to Homebrew Day at HBX!

In honor of the American Homebrew Association’ annual Learn to Homebrew Day, Homebrew Exchange will be offering perks throughout the month of October.

All-Grain Brewing Class

This class is for people who are interested in upgrading to an all-grain system for brewing. Learn about the equipment and ingredients you'll need to make delicious beer without extracts.

Topics include:

Gravity, sugar, alcohol content.
Malted barley and extracts
Hops. Aroma and bitterness.
Brewing technique. Sanitization.

Winter Exchange Party! Saturday January 17th, 2015

Back by popular demand! Homebrew Exchange will be hosting an end-of-summer exchange party. Bring yourself, or bring some fermented goodness to share. Beer, wine, mead, cheese, kombucha, soda, or anything you've put together. Sample dozens of other creations, talk to other DIYers, and have a great time meeting new friends.

Submissions for Best of Show prizes by 05:00 pm.

Door prizes, best in show prizes, etc.

Hope to see you there.
As always, this event is family friendly.

Brewing 101

If you have never brewed before or just need a refresher this is the class for you. Learn about the equipment and ingredients needed to get started. This demo class will take you through the process so that you will feel comfortable brewing at home.

Topics include:

Gravity, sugar, alcohol content.
Malted barley and extracts
Hops. Aroma and bitterness.
Brewing technique. Sanitization.

Brewing on a Small Scale: 1 Gallon All Grain Class

Saturday, August 16
3-6 PM

Do you want to pick up brewing, but live in a small space? Small, 1-gallon brewing systems have been picking up popularity among apartment dwellers, and the Homebrew Exchange wants to help you get started. Brew your own all-grain batches in your soup kettle! We’ll help you pick your own grains, hops, and yeast. Prost!

Lady Brew Portland - A Homebrewing Club for Women

Attention Ladies:

We are finally starting our brew club! Hooray! Lady Brew Portland is designed to encourage women on their way to becoming better homebrewers. All levels of brewer are welcome to participate.

Join us and experience the creativity and satisfaction of making your own beer and hanging out with other awesome beer-curious ladies.

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