Pictures from National Homebrewer's Conference, 2012

We've posted our pictures from the National Homebrewer's Conference 2012.

Notice that we brought a couple of small tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs along with us, Rex and Tyra. They served as our party mascots and a good excuse to take pictures with many homebrewers. In fact, the most famous homebrewer we know got their picture taken with Rex.

We also gave away a lot of T-Rex Needs Help With Beer t-shirts, which we are now wholesaling to other stores.

The National Homebrewers Conference is an annual conference put on by the American Homebrewers Association. There are a lot of interesting talks on brewing, as well as a "club night" where homebrew clubs from around the country put weeks of effort into creating elaborate booths where they serve their beer and, well, party.

Thanks to Michael, Dan, and Aidan for keeping the store open while we were gone. We have a bag of schwag, t-shirts, and commemorative beers for you.

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