2nd brew and maybe a problem ( cider)?

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2nd brew and maybe a problem ( cider)?

Making only 1 gallon of cider.
Using - unfiltered apple juice. 3 cups Table sugar. And champagne yeast.
I sanitized everything. I actually used the 1 gal carboy the juice came in but added 1 cup of apple juice that I made with my juicer.
I didn't take any hydrometer readings...just went for it. I do have a hydrometer though.
The ferment went great - the air lock bubbled for almost 8 or 9 days rapidly.
Then I waited another 2 weeks - it for sure had stopped.
I was concerned that I maybe didn't put in enough yeast at 1st ( 1/3 a package) so I added a little more (1/2 tsp) and waited a week - no bubbling this time.

The cider has started clearing - good amount of sludge at the bottom.
I went to taste it today - and its kinda "skunky" or almost a rotten apples taste.
Smelled like wine and cider.

Looking back - maybe I didn't sanitize the airlock. But I'm sure I did everything else. Any ideas ?
Does it just need more time...or a yeast nutrient or is it ruined ?
I was thinking I would use sparkoloid to speed up the clearing but if it tastes so bad now - maybe I should just start over. ;(


is it sulphur

Is it sulphur that you smell? Like rotten eggs?

If so, it is a common byproduct of fermentation, which can be eliminated by "splash racking". This consists of syphoning it into a new (sanitized) carboy or bucket, splashing and aerating as you go, and then syphoning it back. We sell a tip for your syphon tubing that sprays and can help with this process.

Basically, you need to drive off the sulphur gasses and it should taste fine. Contact with copper can also work to eliminate the odor.

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