All those abbreviations:

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All those abbreviations:

It might help others, (especially newbies), if we knew what some of these abbreviations mean - I, for one, have never used some of them before:
HBX - OK, I figured out this stands for HomeBrew eXchange
ABV - I know this one :>) .... Alcohol By Volume
[pico] - Too many Picos in the google search to figure out which one is meant. ????
BJCP - Googled this one - Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP)
SRM - The Standard Reference Method (SRM) is a number representing the color of a beer
IBU - International Bitterness Units
OG - Original Gravity
PBG - Pre-Boil Gravity
FG - Final Gravity

Well, I was able to find out what most of them were by using the net - and what little brain I have left ...... still haven't figured out what [pico] is tho ......
Just starting with these, anyone finding others is welcome to add to this thread, and I hope some brewguru will come along and explain these abbreviations as they are added ;0


Pico is just a term for the one gallon all grain recipe kits and recipes available through the Homebrew Exchange.

Most of these are great!

Most of these are great! Pico refers to our small, 1 gallon kits. "pico breweries".

THX :)

THX :)

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