Announcing New Employee Owners

New Employee Ownership
PORTLAND, Oregon - September 2, 2016 - Homebrew Exchange (HBX) today announced two new co-owners, Stan and Brandon. Stan has been an employee for over two years, transitioning into a manager role and providing excellent service to customers. Brandon is a long time customer who was hired more recently. Current owners, Jocelyn and Aaron Fabbri are very happy to add employee owners. According to Aaron, “we’ve wanted to find a way to add some employee ownership since we founded HBX over seven years ago. We finally overcame the legal and logistic challenges to make this happen and we couldn’t be more happy. Retail is a challenging business these days, with expensive rent and price competition from huge online stores. Allowing Stan and Brandon to become co-owners is a great way to reward them for their hard work.” As current owner Jocelyn puts it, “these guys are earning their stake. Stan and Brandon have agreed to take on significant responsibilities as part of our agreement, and they have some great new things planned for the space. We hope our customers will continue to give them the great support we have enjoyed since we opened in 2009.” Congratulations to Stan and Brandon and stay tuned for exciting new additions to the space at Homebrew Exchange.