Best In Show: February HBX Party

Best In Show: Cory, Greg, PaulBest In Show: Cory, Greg, PaulThe Homebrew Exchange Party on February 17th was an amazing showing of variety and talent by customers and staff. Customers brought in beer, wine, mead, infused liquors, kombucha, and even pizza to our latest event. After tasting all these great things everyone voted for the ‘best’. It was a close contest with more than 50 votes. Here are the winners:

Grand Prize Winner:

Greg Azbill , Coconut Rum Infusion (which he served from a coconut with a hole drilled). He has only been brewing about 3 months. He only bottles what he brews, currently has wheat brew, a potato wine, infused rum beer, pomegranate infused wine, infused absinthe, and palo santo wine. He got interested in brewing because he is an auto mechanic by trade and wanted to make a vehicle that could run on denatured alcohol. He started by reading few books and now he can’t get enough. He dreams of someday being a commercial distiller (who doesn’t?)

Winning recipe :” brewed brown sugar and molasses, then fortifying the brew with a light whiskey, and let sit in a container with Cinnamon sticks, orange peel, and baby coconut flakes for 2 weeks.”

Runner Ups:
Paul Garrett, Citrus IPA. He has been brewing just over a year and does all grain. Currently fermenting Toasted Hefeweizen, Doomsday Imperial, and Wood Aged Porter. Already in the bottle is Citrus IPA, Pete's Wicked Winter Clone, and an Irish Red. Paul is moving into kegging his beer. Excellent choice, Paul.

Check out the amazing recipe Imperial Agrios IPA.

Cory Knight, Plum Mead. She had been brewing about 7 years, 4 on her own and does extract brewing with grains. At this time she bottles her brews, having just finished bottled a kiwi wit, and have a few brown ales, chocolate stouts, and maple porters. Cory’s interest in brewing also extends to making meads. Currently projects include a honey mead, plum mead, and strawberry mead.

To find Cory's great mead recipe, Plum Mead.