Bottling pico recipes

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Bottling pico recipes

I'm sure this is a totally stupid question but I figure it's better to ask than to ruin a batch of beer.

I made the Festivus Winter Ale Pico recipe and it's now fermenting. When I bottle it, do I need to add sugar? I'm pretty sure I do.


Bottling Pico Recipe

I realize this is about 3 months late, but here's an answer for you! You got the same response to your question as I did on some questions of mine - I had to call the store to get a response a couple of times - IMHO, the forum is dead, the store is active! But, in case someone comes here wanting an answer to your question, this is what I do for 1 gallon brews - Priming sugar: .75 oz (21g) Corn Sugar or DME; or 1 oz (28g) per gal for Jaggery; 0.6 oz (20g) Honey.

You can use Corn Sugar, DME, Jaggery or honey for priming the wort before bottling, just put the priming sugar into the bottling bucket first, then rack from the fermenter by siphoning from the fermenter to the sanitized bottling bucket and then into sanitized bottles, let them carbonate (bottle condition) 2 weeks to 1 mo. I use an Autosiphon (available at the HBX-HBS) for racking from the primary to the secondary (when I do a secondary) to the Bottling bucket, to the bottles.

I got tired of fermenting in 1 gallon jugs, since you lose up to a quart due to trub and gravity readings, so I bought one of those Anchor Hocking glass 2 1/2 gallon jars off Amazon for 18 bucks, went to Costco and bought some Organic animal crackers, took the aluminum lid from the glass jar and put it onto the animal crackers and gave them to my grandkids - the plastic lid off that jar went on the top of my new fermenter (drilled a hole for the air-lock grommet, it was 9/16). The grommets are cheap, and can be used for 1/2 gallon widemouth jars for making kefir, root beer, ginger ale, etc.

To make a 1 gallon recipe from a 5 gallon recipe in my 2 1/2 gallon jar, I divide the 5 gallon amount by 3.333, this gives you the readings for a 1 ½ gallon batch to account for losses to hydrometer measurements, cold crash sediment (trub - hops, finings, flavoring stuff like vanilla beans, chilis) etc. so you end out with just about 1 gallon, rather than 2 or 3 qts. BTW, in all the years my son, wife or I've done homebrews, wines, liquers, we've never had an infection because of racking from one to the other - sanitation takes care of you if you take care of it!
Just my 2 centavos ........

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