Bread Recipe: Beer Baguettes

Beer BaguettesBeer BaguettesWe wanted to share a tasty recipe for bread that is quick, and utilizes dark beer instead of water as the main source of moisture. The use of a dark beer and dry malt extract adds a lovely color, texture, and malty taste to the bread. This recipe makes about 1000g of dough and requires a scale to weigh out the ingredients...

80 g Whole Wheat flour
40 g Oat Bran
482 g Bread Flour (All purpose will work as well, but make a less chewy bread).
18 g Dry Malt Extract (any color)

300 g beer, dark, lukewarm
97 g Water, lukewarm

2 tsp (~15g) Yeast. Active Dry or Instant (Dry brewing yeast works too but may take slightly longer to rise.)
2 tsp Salt

(Dry malt extract as well as affordable kitchen scales are available at our store.)

Basic Instructions
Mix everything but the salt for two minutes (by hand or in kitchen aid stand mixer with dough hook on low), until it holds together. Cover and let sit for 20 minutes. Knead for about 6 minutes (on medium with kitchen aid dough hook), adding the salt as you go. Place in lightly-oiled container and let rise until doubled, about 60 minutes.

Gently, without deflating, form two large baguettes (about 505 grams of dough each). For tips on shaping, try youtube. Let rise, covered loosely with oiled plastic wrap, until doubled, about 50-60 minutes. Preheat oven at 450. Leave dough uncovered for 7 minutes to dry the surface and making slashing easier. Slash with sharp blade or razor. Mist with water. Place in oven and cook about 28-32 minutes at 450F.