Brewed ciderish beer

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Brewed ciderish beer

First time brewer....used a hef kit from an online source (was a gift...didn't purchase)...seemed to do great. Bottled after 3 or 4 weeks...can't recall exactly but the bubbling had slowed down. Though after bottling and letting sit (following the instructions with the kit) went to taste and got a cider like flavor....any clue why??? Ready to try again..sans online kit...but want to make sure I learn from my past attempt. Thanks!!

cidery off flavor beer

Hard to say without sampling myself. Was it "cidery" as in apple flavor? If so the only thing that comes to mind right now is acetaldehyde.

Which yeast did you use?

From How to Brew, Palmer:

A flavor of green apples or freshly cut pumpkin; it is an intermediate compound in the formation of alcohol. Some yeast strains produce more than others, but generally it's presence indicates that the beer is too young and needs more time to condition."

In your case though it was not "young" beer. So I'd guess excessive simple sugars in the ingredients. They ferment out dry like a cider. Any idea what brand the kit was?

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