Brewing with Fresh Ginger root

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Brewing with Fresh Ginger root

Hey boys and girls, I want to do a pale ale using fresh ginger root but am having a hard time finding information on specifics of brewing with ginger, is it a fermentable, does it need to be boiled separately before adding to the wort, any specifics on quantity for a five gallon batch etc. etc…

I know someone did a ginger beer at the exchange a few weeks ago (which was very good) so if any one has some info on using ginger I would be ever so grateful.


Gary / NOPO Brewing

ginger root

Hey Gary,

I've made the Fabbri Ginger ale recipe on this website and it turned out amazing. I'm not really sure how much fermentable sugar is in fresh ginger root. I peeled and grated 16oz of fresh ginger and added half at the beginning of the boil and the rest 15 min later. The recipe has only a 30 min boil. I think the ginger beer you are talking about is this one cause I had it at the exchange party, too!

I think it depends on how much ginger flavor you want. If you want it to be spicier, add more and earlier. If you want a little aroma and hint of it, add an ounce or 2 in the secondary. I'm not 100%, but I don't think there isn't enough ferementatble sugar in ginger root to mess w/ your gravity, but it sure will give you some flavor!


Thanks Beth

Thanks Beth

ginger in beer

Hi Gary,

I have a ginger porter that I think is very successful. I use 3oz of grated fresh ginger, added to the boil with 15 minutes left. For me, that produces a lot of ginger flavor. Good luck!

Nice to know

Glad to have seen this thread, as I am planning to do the Fabbri all grain soon!

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Fresh Ginger

When I was down to Tenn, I did a ginger beer recipe with lots of fresh Ginger, lemons, cane sugar ... It brewed OK, but the recipe said to use all of the lemon, rind and all, had to throw it out it was so bad - that pith tasted like pith!
Next time it's zest only! But back to the Ginger .... it fermented OK, and I wasn't concerned about how much fermentables was in it, so I can't answer your basic question, but I can affirm that fresh ginger is great for brews, especially for 'ginger dry-hops' in IPAs and PAs.

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