Cider infection?

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Cider infection?

I tried brewing my second batch on Cider the other day. Here is the history:

In late september I bought 5 gallons of pasterized cider from a local farm that was in a fridge there. I put it in my fridge and forgot about it/got busy. In late January I let it warm up to room temp and pitched some ale yeast. I didnt' use any Campden tablets because I figured it was pasturized. I got a great fermentation for about a week. I failed to rack it to the secondary till last night (about a month in the primary). When I opened up the primary I noticed that there was a white cracked film on the top which I have seen before when making sour beers. I tried a bit and tasted a bit sour, not like vinegar just a little tart and sour. I know it is pretty early do you think it might mellow out?

I was pretty lazy about the whole process which is why I wouldn't be surprised if it got a brett infection. I think I will let it chill in the secondary for a while then bottle it and see what it turns out like. What do you think? Should I put the secondary in my lagering fridge?


You'd think it would have been safe being pasteurized. You never know maybe a jug or a cap was a little contaminated. I'd agree if isn't horrible, it could be worth bottling. I might be coming up your way Mar 8 and would like to sample it and try to guess Brett versus lactobacilli versus acetobacter. Keeping in a low oxygen environment (bottled or topped off carboy) may help control acidification in the latter case.

Okay, you have two separate

Okay, you have two separate things going on instead of one.

The white film is yeast film. SO2 would have helped, but it still could have happened. The biggest cause of this is air, so if you had a lot of head space, you will get yeast film. Solution is simple: rack out from underneath it.

Secondly, it is a young cider. Most cider production starts in the fall, and then doesn't bottle until April, so we are talking at least 6 months. That is why it is tart. Also, the pH could have been a little low, also causing it to be sour.

Get it racked, and then let it age. You don't have to chill it. You will be fine.

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