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Kefir Grains Exchange

This topic is for people who have or are looking for kefir starters (grains). If you have kefir grains available, or are looking to acquire some, just post a message to this forum.

As explained on our page about making kefir, you can buy both powder and grain-based starters (in our store) and also use grains which you get from a friend. We recommend trying both ways and see which you like the best.

Once we get a couple of people involved, we will have a kefir exchange at our store. Stay tuned for details.

Kefir Grian

I would love one if anyone has one available.


Me too!

I'm looking for kefir grains. Presently based in PEI, Canada, if anyone is near-by.


Hi Iam looking for fresh water kefir grains.
I used to have some but they were damaged.

Kefir Grains

Hi there, I'm in Portland, and am looking to get some kefir grains. Can anyone provide info on where I can get some? Thx!

We carry grains now

We now carry both the powdered starters and grains, in our store. I'll also ask at the store and see if they have any customer trades laying around..

Kefir Grains

Great! I'll pop in and grab some.

Kefir grains/starter

Does anyone have more kefir grains than they need?
update: I found some, thanks!

kefir grains available


I live in North Portland and have been culturing my own kefir for about 5 years. My kefir grains occasionally spawn new colonies and I would be happy to share with folks, particularly folks in Portland (so I can avoid mailing them...). Contact me via ted [dot] labbe [at] gmail [dot] com


Hi looking for some grains in

Hi looking for some grains in NE Portland. Of anyone has any please email me at

looking for kefir grains in PDX

I live in Portland, Oregon and am looking for kefir grains. Can anyone hook me up?

Kefir starter grains

Hi, I am looking for Kefir starter grains (water-based) in Raleigh, North Carolina. Anyone have any ideas on where I can get some?

kefir grains

Hi, I am looking for some milk kefir grains in the Portland area. Kefir: why is it so delicious? Anyway, I can pick them up so you don't have to go anywhere, or we could meet somewhere if you prefer. I'd be happy to bring you a tasty six-pack in exchange! (I don't brew myself, but I'm pretty good at going to Plaid Pantry, if I may brag a bit).

Thanks in advance!

Kefir Grains

We sell both milk and water kefir grains here at our store and have plenty in stock. 1907 N Kilpatrick.

You should learn how to brew it is a great hobby!

Kefir Grains

Do you still Kefir Grains?

I will be visiting my daughter in Beaverton area around 9th of April if you have some I would love to buy enough to make 3 quarts a day.

Kefir grains

Hi! I'm in Vancouver, WA area looking for some one willing to share kefir grains. I'm more then willing to drive to portland for pick up and will meet wherever is most convenient for you! I wuold prefer water kefir grains but regular kefir grains would be very much appreciated too. :) Thanks in advance! my email is sherrieolsen[at]gmail[dot]com

Looking for milk kefir grains


I'm looking for milk kefir grains in the Portland area, will definitely be sharing once new colonies grow!


Milk Kefir grains in Chennai, India

Hi I am looking to buy some milk Kefir grains in Chennai, India. Can anyone help?
I used to make my own Kefir, in Delhi, for about two years using some grains that a friend sent me from Canada, but those grains got spoilt. My gastro-intestinal problems have returned in a month after stopping the Kefir so I need to start drinking it again ..

Question on Kefir Grains

I would like to start making my own Kefir using raw cows milk, do I need to get grains from someone using raw milk, or will any cows milk grains work? I'm in Portland and would love to source some grains. Happy to trade something for them.

Kefir Grains for Milk

I am looking to start making my own kefir and I was wondering if anyone in Portland, OR has an excess of keifer grains for milk fermentation that they can share. Reply to my comment if you do!

Milk Kefir Grains wanted NE Portland OR.

Hey y'all, my wife and I are hoping to get on this milk kefir train. Does anyone have any spare grains around that they would be willing to give out? I live in NE Portland and can come pick them up. We would much appreciate it!

Looking for kefir grains


I'm looking for milk kefir grains, which have never been dried or stored in the freezer, in Beaverton or Portland.
oxenia@gmail dot com

Kefir Grains

As of January 26, 2016 I am not able to share grains until they have grown a bit more.

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