Flanders clone 3-month fermentation

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Flanders clone 3-month fermentation

I tried a Flanders clone using the Roeselare yeast blend from Wyeast. I began fermentation abput mid November and it was bubbling steadily until 2 days ago. I can't find my record of the original gravity, but it tastes sour.

By steadily fermenting, I mean about 2 blubs per min, over the past month it could have slowed dow because I didn't pay much attention to it. I kept the temp at about 70 deg F.

There is not much of a growth on the surface, so should I wait another 3 to 9 months?

i can help with tasting ;-)

I've been wanting to try this blend. Wyeast says the culture is very attenuative and benefits from long conditioning time for sourness to develop. They recommend 18 months total aging.

Your fermentation is pretty long, but I had the same experience with my mixed-culture sour beer. It just keeps going forever it seems. If I were you I'd make sure you've racked to a carboy and topped off with water (if volume is pretty close to full)., then let it condition there for another three months (6 months total). Then you can bottle and it should be good after another 12 months.

I should get started on one of these now since it takes so long.

forgot to rack

I forgot to rack it or top it off, but over the past two months there has formed a white layer on the top of the wort. From what I've read on other forums and blogs that is a good sign that the Brettanomyces is working (slowly in my 65 deg kitchen). I think I will give it another month as it is then bottle.

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