FOTM / HBX Brew Contest!

Your favorite homebrew shop is joining forces with your favorite purveyor of deep-fried delights to bring you an incredible homebrew contest! Strut your stuff and impress your friends when your winning creation is professionally brewed and served at Fire On The Mountain's Interstate Ave location.

Important Stuff:

We need your beer by October 1. The poster says "12oz bottle" but really we don't care. Just get it to us (Homebrew Exchange, 6550 N Interstate) in a clean, labeled container, with a print-out of your recipe, or a link to it.

FOTM will brew your beer with their yeast. So that means that it should work well with either Wyeast 1056 (American) or 2565 (Kolsch).

The winner will be announced at our Fall Exchange party. Stay tuned here and on our facebook page to get the date and more info. Our exchange parties are a fun opportunity to chat with other brewers and sample some nice beers, other libations, cheese, pickles and anything else fermented.

That's it! If you have any other questions, hit us up at the shop, give us a call at 503 286 0343, or fill in our contact form