Hard Cut Common

A Homebrew Beer Recipe

Style (BJCP): 
06C. American Pale Ales - California Common Beer
Extract Ingredients: 
  • 6.6lb Pilsen Light LME
  • 8.5 oz Crystal Wheat Malt
  • 8 oz Special Roast
  • 5 oz Flaked Wheat


  • .5 oz Nugget @ 60 min
  • .5 oz Cascade @ 30 min
  • .5 oz Cascade @ 10 min
  • .5 oz Cascade @ 5 min

YeastImperial Cablecar, Mangrove Jack's M54, Wyeast 2112

Extract Instructions: 
  1. Bag all cracked whole grains. 
  2. Steep cracked grains in 2.25 qts water at 150 F for 45 minutes
  3. Rinse grains with 1 gall 170F water, remove grains
  4. Fill kettle to 5.5 gall (if you can't achieve 5.5 gal in your pot, you can aim lower and top off with clean water during yeast pitching to reach 5 gal for fermentation) and boil
  5. Remove from heat, stir in extracts, and bring back to boil
  6. Start 60 min timer and proceed with hop schedule
  7. Cool to 60F (or as close as you can get to 60F), pitch yeast, and aerate
  8. Ferment 1 week at room temp, then at 55-60F for another 2 weeks if possible. If temp control isn't available, the coldest room temp you can find will do.
  9. Use a heat belt or pad or different fermentation location to raise fermentation temp up to 70F for a diacetyl rest
  10. Bottle or keg after 3 weeks. If you were not able to reach lagering temps during fermentation, store the bottles or kegs in your refridgerator for an extra 2 weeks before consuming (optional)
All Grain Ingredients: 
  • Replace LME with Pilsen Malt to a total of 8.25 lb
All Grain Instructions: 
  1. Mash with 13 qts water @ 152 for 1 hour
  2. Sparge with 4 gal @170F until boil volume is reached with 5.5 gal of sweet wort
  3. Proceed with hop, fermentation, and cellaring schedules from the extract instructions
Volume in US Gallons: 
Final Gravity: 
Original Gravity: 
SRM (color): 
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