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Help me

OK here's the deal. I've been brewing for about a year now. Got a few batches under my belt. Problem is most of the time I have to scrimp and save to even get together $20-30 to buy ingredients. I don't have a proper brew kettle, a wort chiller or even a long stem thermometer.

The quality of my brew would increase drastically if I just had better equipment. So what I'm asking is for $1 or $5 or whatever you can spare. It would help a poor home-brewer out a lot.

Here is the link to contribute. ... my-friends

Even $1 helps!!!

Thank you!

I even plan on buying equipment from northern brewer.

Kinda Rude?

Don't you think it's kinda rude to ask people here for help to raise funds to go shopping at Northern Brewer instead of the HBX store? I do!

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