Homebrew Exchange / Look Long Brewing Looking for New Ownership

Homebrew Exchange LLC(HBX) and DBA, Look Long Brewing Company is looking for new ownership and/or managers. Our current crew of employee owners have done great work running the business, but are ready to pass the torch to the next owners. If you or someone you know is interested in the Homebrew Exchange / Look Long Brewing Company business and/or space, please contact us. More details below...


Life happens. COVID-19 happens. We’ve been surviving during the coronavirus pandemic shutdown with curbside service and great support from our customers. Business has been okay, as homebrewing often surges during recessions and unemployment. Life has become busy for the current owners and they need to exit from day-to-day operations and are looking to sell the business or make other arrangements so they can spend less time at HBX. Instead of holding a fire sale and liquidating, we’d love to pass the baton and see the business continue to serve the community.

We have 2000+ square feet of nice indoor space on the Max transit stop, as well as a good amount of outdoor space. Our neighbors and customers are an awesome bunch of people. The ideal new owner and manager will have some business experience, as well as a desire to continue evolving the business. Access to some capital will be important as well, as some investments would help improve cash flow. The business comes with good supplier contacts, a web store and POS platform, as well as inventory and 1 BBL electric brewery equipment. Reinventing the business or changing it substantially are possibilities as well. It is really up to the new ownership to decide.


Homebrew Exchange was founded by a local family in 2009 who wanted a closer place to buy beer making and fermentation supplies that was open more convenient hours. In 2016 we changed to employee ownership and management. Since 2016, staff has made some changes to adjust for the changing market, including adding a small tasting room and pilot brewing system, which is federally and state licensed. We have been blessed with a wonderful community and neighborhood, which is what has kept us going for the 11 years we’ve been in business.


To ask questions or arrange a meeting, please send your contact details to info@homebrewexchange.net.