How to Build a Kegerator - Compact

Compact Kegerator: for Corny Kegs Here is a tutorial and supplies to make your own compact kegerator, which holds two cornelius kegs of beer/homebrew, and a CO2 tank.


We choose the affordable, Energy Star efficient Danby DAR440BL compact refrigerator. This fridge will not accomodate a full size sanke keg, but works great for two 5 gallon cornelius kegs (which you can fill with homebrew or beer from your local brewery). Compactness, affordability, and efficiency were our main goals here.

This page describes what we did, but we don't guarantee this procedure will work for you. If you get hurt or ruin a new fridge we cannot take responsibility. Safety first.

Remove Shelves and Inner Door

Remove the shelves by lifting and sliding out. Remove door shelving via the screws under the door seal (pictures 1, 2). Note: removing door shelving will no longer allow light to turn off when door is closed (see switch on inside or doorway). We will address that next...

Disable Light, Measure where to drill

We made sure to unplug the appliance before accessing the wiring!Next, we remove the two screws that hold the light up, allowing us to pull it away and cap off the hot wire to the bulb. While inside, we measured where our approx. two inch hole will fit, between the light and the radiator panel in the back top of the fridge. We picked a center point on the top inside of the fridge, between light fixture and back wall, measured to front of doorway. Then we repeated that measurement on the outside top face, and marked our center hole there. Measure three times on this one, cut once.


kegerator doorClick for slideshowkegerator door 2 door 2kegerator inside 1inside 1kegerator wiringwiringkegerator drill 1kegerator drill 1kegerator drill 2kegerator drill 2kegerator drill 3 insidekegerator drill 3 insidekegerator drill 4kegerator drill 4



Drill Hole where draft tower will go.

Cut slow and steady until center hole is through but large bit just starting to cut. Stop and confirm you have plenty of room for the whole, bracket, and bolts below. If ok, continue cutting slow and steady, stopping to let bit cool down frequently (burned foam bad).


Seal up insulation

Mask off the top of the hole for easy cleanup, then apply thorough coat of silicon caulk to the exposed foam walls of the whole. Let dry, then remove masking tape.

Attach Draft Tower

Set tower where it will go and mark the holes. Drill holes big enough for bolts plus a tiny bit of wiggle room. Place patent-pending HBX wonder bracket underneath and feed bolts through from the top. [If holes to not align, the bracket can easily be drilled or cut as needed with woodworking tools.] Tighten screws.

Prepare Gas Distribution Stuff

Connect your gas quick-disconnects to your gas distributor (manifold). I use tight, stainless hose clamps on my gas lines. I was able to attach this manifold by screwing small pilot holes into the solid edge of the radiator panel at the back of the fridge. I could see where the ridges carrying colant were, and avoided getting near to them. Short sheet metal screws secured the manifold to the radiator top. Now you can turn off gas to each keg (e.g. when one is empty, or you want to turn one up high to carbonate quickly).

Purchase Supplies

Our Compact Kegerator Kit comes with:

  • Chrome tower with faucet (#597)
  • Stainless steel drip tray (#446 or #598)
  • Custom waterproof bracket for securing tower inside (#864).
  • Two pin-lock quick disconnects (one gas #274, one liquid #275).
  • 3 ft gas line (#278 x 3).
  • Three hose clamps (one for liquid, two for gas (#670).

Add-on options:

  • Substitute double faucet tower instead of single(#628).
  • Add double air manifold with valves (#669).
  • Add Refurbished 5g cornelius (corny) keg (#277).
  • Add CO2 tank and double gauge regulator (#273, #272)

We sell these supplies in our our store.  You need:

  • Measuring tape, phillips screwdriver
  • 1.5-2" hole saw (drill bit)
  • Small tube of silicone caulk
kegerator caulkkegerator caulkkegerator post caulkkegerator post caulkkegerator mountkegerator mountkegerator air distributorkegerator air distributorkegerator air 1Attach manifold.kegerator air 2kegerator air 2


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