Mansplainer Sage Porter Ale

A Homebrew Beer Recipe

Style (BJCP): 
15B. Porter - Brown Porter
Extract Ingredients: 
  • 4lb Golden Light DME
  • 1lb 11 oz Northwest Pale Malt
  • 12 oz Aromatic Malt
  • 6 oz Midnight Wheat
  • 6 oz Crystal 80L 
  • 6 oz Chocolate Malt


  • .5 oz Nugget @ 60 min
  • .5 oz Willamette @ 30 min
  • About 10 fresh sage leaves or .3 oz dried @ 10 min (not included with kit)

YeastSafale-04, Imperial House, Wyeast 1098

Extract Instructions: 
  1. Bag all cracked whole grains. 
  2. Steep cracked grains in 5 qts water at 154 F for 45 minutes
  3. Rinse (sparge) grains with 1 gall H2O@ 170F
  4. Fill kettle to 6 gal H20, bring to boil, remove from heat, and stir in DME (if you can't reach 6 gal in your pot, that's okay, you can top it off with water in the carboy to reach 5 gal when pitching yeast)
  5. Bring to boil and start 60 min timer, adding 60 min and 30 min hop additions. 
  6. After the hour is up, cool to 75F, pitch yeast, aerate, and top off with clean water if needed to reach 5 gal
  7. Once fermentation is complete, bottle or keg
  8. You may want to age this beer for 1 month or drink it as soon as it's carbonated. Either way, it's good.
All Grain Ingredients: 
  • Replace DME with more Northwestern Pale Malt to a total of 8.5 lbs
All Grain Instructions: 
  1. Heat 3.5 gal strike water to 165F, mash for 1 hour @ 152F
  2. Sparge with 170F water until 5.5 gal sweet wort is collected
  3. Proceed with boil, hop and fermentation schedule from extract instructions 
Volume in US Gallons: 
Final Gravity: 
Original Gravity: 
SRM (color): 
Official HBX Recipe: 
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