Mead, how to make it sparkle

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Mead, how to make it sparkle

I have some mead that is ready to bottle and I want to make it sparkling mead. How do I prime it.? Is it just like priming beer? I have 3 gallons of mead and would like to use honey as the priming sugar. I have read on some other on-line forums that people add yeast when they prime their mead. Should I add more yeast? When I have made beer or cider I have not had to add more yeast but the mead is more alcoholic and has been sitting around in the carboy for a really long time.

Priming mead

Depends on whether you are making sweet mead or not.

First off, use a hydrometer to make sure it is finished fermenting. Your recipe should tell you target final gravity (or use yeast attenuation and starting gravity to figure it out).

Sweet mead is sweet because you put enough honey in that even after the yeast reaches its max alcohol tolerance, there is still sugar left.

In this case, adding more sugar will not make a difference. This is also why sweet meads are typically still (not fizzy). You could force carbonate or add a tougher yeast, in theory.

If your alcohol is below the yeasts max tolerance, then yes, you can prime as normal (about 1 oz dextrose or other fermentable sugar per gallon).

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