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To much yeast

So I am making my 1st batch of cider and I think I added to much yeast.

I made 3 gallons of cider using 5 different varietals of apples, strained it 3x, then heated it to 185 deg for 45 min to kill off all the natural yeast/ bacteria. Added 3lbs of sugar (1lb for each gal). Stirred till it dissolved then put it in my 3gl carboy and waited for it to get back to room temp before adding the yeast and nutrient. I read that for a gallon of cider you need to add 2/3 of a packet of champagne yeast and a tablespoon of yeast nutrient. So as a chef I just tripled it. 2 packets of yeast and 3T of nutrient.

Basically I just want to know if I screwed up this batch or what the turn out will be if it is ok. IE: to dry, how long for 1st fermentation to finish, to yeasty,.......

Thank you for any feedback you have!


Hard to overpitch yeast

Your cider will probably be fine.

It is better to use too much yeast than not enough. That does sound like a lot of nutrient though. Depending on which brand you are using, usually 1 tsp / gal is plenty. Still, I don't think you've put in enough to do anything bad.

2 packets of champagne yeast will usually ferment 6 gallons, no problem. Even one packet will get it done, but again, more is better.

Also consider using other yeasts like D-47, just to try different varieties.

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