Organic Root Beer

A Homebrew Beer Recipe

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“Roots”Sarsaparilla (¼ cup)Sassafras (¼ cup)Birch bark (1/8 cup)2 star anise pods1 ½ vanilla beansOrganic golden evaporated cane juiceChampagne yeast (use ¼ tsp)Small FunnelSmall Mesh bagYou will need:8-10 12 oz bottles with caps

Extract Instructions: 

Directions:1. In large pot heat 4 quarts of water to boil. Turn off heat, and add sugar to dissolve. Heat water back to boiling and add roots to small mesh bag and place in pot. Add vanilla beans.  Boil for 15-12 minutes.2. Remove from heat and discard roots and vanilla beans.3. Cool liquid down to 80 degrees. Stir in ¼ tsp yeast with clean, sanitized spoon.4. Pour equal amounts of mixture into each clean and sanitized bottle, then top off with water (if needed) to leave about 2 inches of air space on top.5. Seal bottle and shake.6. Store bottles at room temperature for 3-4 days. 7. Refrigerate overnight or until cold and enjoy!How to Sanitize your Bottles or Equipment:Make sure bottles are clean. Use either use a bleach solution (2 tsp per gallon of water) that will need to be rinsed than air dried. Or buy Star Stan or Iodphor at the Homebrew Exchange and follow directions on bottle.Caution!As soon as the bottles are pressurized, they should be refrigerated.   Storing them warm may allow fermentation to continue, and bottles may fail and explode. Note:     Refrigerate left over yeast for up to 1 year.             Adjust amounts of ingredients to taste.    Have fun and experiment.

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  1. Mash it!
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It will be hard to make this without sugar won't it? - Also, if you pasteurize the bottles after fermentation, you won't have to worry about bottle bombs! Just my 2 centavos .....