Searching for a peach beer recipe

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Searching for a peach beer recipe

I'm interested in trying to do a peach wheat beer. I'm hearing mixed things about using peaches, and am not into trying a mead. Any ideas? Thanks!

peach beer recipe

Peaches can be great. Many different ways to do it, we've taken this approach before:

Start with your favorite beer recipe (wheats and belgians are nice).

Pit peaches and puree in food processor (or smash them, freezing & thawing first can help break out juices as well).

Add puree to wort at 15 minutes before end of boil.

Cool and pour, chunks and all, into a wide-mouth fermenter (i.e. do your primary in a bucket, or use a funnel and carboy as long as you dont' have any big chunks). Add water to top off to at least 1/2 gallon more than you want to end up with. You'll lose a good amount of beer with the pulp when you siphon. Another option is to put pulp in fine straining bag (we have these) so you can pull it out of bucket after primary is done.

Pitch yeast and let ferment as usual. After fermentation subsides (no bubbles for two days), carefully siphon off the pulp at the bottom, into a secondary fermenter (carboy). Put your siphon to low and it will clog. If so, clean, sanitize it, and resume.

Let clear for a couple of days (or if still fermenting wait for that to stop), then siphon into bottling bucket and bottle as usual.


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