too much acid?

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too much acid?

I have 4 gallons of apple cider fermented to dryness and racked over to a 5 gallon carboy.
I tasted it and it seemed very acidic. So my tests indicate about 12% alcohol, PH test strip
indicates about 3.6, however the titration test indicates 0.85% acid. Is there anything I
can do to save this? I am considering adding sugar, and maybe 1.5 oz. potassium carbonate.
What do you recommend?

You can backsweeten with more

You can backsweeten with more apple juice, cider, frozen concentrate if you don't want to use sugar, but keep in mind that it will still continue to ferment if there's even the tiniest bit of yeast, so you may want to pasteurize if that bothers you - personally, I'd rack one bottle's worth into a plastic water bottle, wait for it to get pretty hard at room temp, then pasteurize all of the glass bottles at 160F for 20 minutes (to kill the yeast), rather than filling the fridge with a lot of bottles. Refrigerating only slows down the fermentation - it doesn't stop it completely, so keep that in mind as well.

That's what I did for SWLM's cider and had no 'bottle bombs.' Actually, if you let it ferment out (it will be dry), you won't even need to pasteurize and it will 'bottle condition' like beer, but she wanted it sweet, so I pasteurized - she loves it!
Just my 2 centavos ........

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