Top Secret Saison

A Homebrew Beer Recipe

Style (BJCP): 
19D. Belgian And French Ale - Saison
Extract Ingredients: 

4 lbs German Two-row Pils
8 oz Belgian Aromatic Malt
8 oz Acidulated Malt

2 lbs 8oz Light Dry Malt Extract (DME)
8 oz Belgian Candy Sugar Light (Candi Syrup 0L preferred)

.75 oz Amarillo hops (60mins)
.75 oz Saaz hops (30 mins)
.75 oz Amarillo (15 mins)
.75 oz Saaz (1 min)

1/4 tsp irish moss
Farmhouse Ale yeast (Wyeast 3726)

Extract Instructions: 

(partial mash, kettle w/ screen method)
Heat 7.5 qt clean H20 to 155F. Add grain (gently doughing in first). [Meanwhile: heat 9 qt sparge water to 155F.] Mash at 135 for 20 mins, slowly heating to 153 for the last 30 mins or so. Recirculate a couple quarts to clear cloudiness. Empty into bucket. Sparge with two more batches of 155F to get about 4 gal wort in your bucket. (Gravity should be about 1.32-1.36 for 64% efficiency).

Return wort to kettle and heat to boiling. Start 60 min timer.

Add hops according to schedule, along with:
@30 mins add DME (turn off burner until dissolved to avoid burning)
@15 min add 1/4 tsp irish moss.
@5 min add Belgian Candi Syrup

Cool to 70F, top off to 5 gal volume. Transfer to fermenter and pitch yeast.

This yeast will like warmer temps. It is rated 70-95 but start low to control esters.

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Final Gravity: 
Original Gravity: 
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