Where to Fill CO2 Tanks in Portland, Oregon

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Where to Fill CO2 Tanks in Portland, Oregon

Homebrew Exchange now exchanges CO2 tanks.

Here is a list of some places where you can fill CO2 tanks for your kegging setup. This list will be a work in progress. Please add your suggestions on where to fill CO2 tanks.

Exchange-only Fills
These places require you to turn in your existing tank and get a different one that is already filled.

Fill your own tank

Other Places to Try
Not sure if these ones will fill CO2. Will update after calling them.

  • google map of search for "welding supply 97217".
  • United Welding Supply.   2313 Northeast M L King Boulevard
    Portland, OR 97212-3790
    (503) 335-3350.
  • TODO more stores.
fill your own

Doh! I should have read this earlier today. This morning I went over to that 'other' homebrew shop in SE to have my tank filled. I only had the tank filled and didn't buy anything else though:) I just like to keep my own tank rather than exchange it for some reason.

Old topic, but I just got

Old topic, but I just got here...so....
I've been going to Jones Welding for over 2 years with no issues. Great customer service, great pricing. The "other" shop freitaq mentioned is way overpriced. They filled a 5# tank for me for the same price Jones fills a 10# tank. And I believe they will only fill 5# tanks (correct me if I'm wrong).


Any suggestions for places to get CO2 fills on the weekends?

National Fire Fighter

I had a very good experience at National Fire Fighter a.k.a Industrial Source. They were very helpful with a CO2 newbie like me. They can fill or exchange.

330 Southeast 101st Avenue
Portland, OR 97266
(503) 232-6646

United Welding Supply is an

United Welding Supply is an exchange. They swapped out my banged up and rusty 20 lbs tank for a nice shiny full one for $17 and included a new washer. They also open at 7 am, but weekdays only.

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