Belgian Trouble Ale

A Homebrew Beer Recipe

Style (BJCP): 
18C. Strong Belgian Ale - Belgian Strong Golden Ale
Extract Ingredients: 

12 oz 2 row
10 oz Cara Pils
10 oz crystal 15
8.5 lbs Plisen Liquid Malt Extract (LME)

1 oz Hallertau pellets @ 60 min
1 oz Liberty pellets @ 30 min
1 oz Mt. Hood pellets @ 15 min

1/2 t Irish Moss @ 15 min
1/2 t ground cardamom @ 15 min
1 t coriander seed @ 15 min
1 1/2 tsp dried orange peel @ 15 min

Wyeast 1214 Belgian Abbey Ale

Extract Instructions: 

Steep grains in bag @ 155 for 30 min in 3 quarts of water. Rinse grains in bag with 1.5 quarts of water at 170 degrees. Add water to make 3 gallons. Bring to a boil. Turn off heat. Add 1/2 of the LME. Stir till dissolved. Return to a boil. Start timer for 60 min. Add hops according to schedule. At 15 min left in the boil, turn off heat and add the rest of the LME. Stir till dissolved. Return to a boil. Add Irish Moss and spices (I used a spice ball to remove the coriander seeds and the dried orange peel). At the end of the boil, cool wort with ice bath or wort chiller to 80 degrees. Pour into fermenter. Add water to reach total volume of 5 gallons. Aerate. Take gravity reading. Pitch yeast. Ferment at room temp for 7 days. Transfer to secondary fermenter for an additional 7 days. Bottle and wait until carbonated. After carbonation complete, cold condition in the fridge for an additional 3-4 weeks.

Volume in US Gallons: 
Final Gravity: 
Original Gravity: 
Official HBX Recipe: 
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