Espresso Stout - Pico Kit

A Homebrew Beer Recipe

Style (BJCP): 
16B. Stout - Sweet Stout
All Grain Ingredients: 

1.5 lbs 2 row
10 oz Crystal 80L
1 oz Black Patent
1 oz Flaked Oats
1 oz Chocolate Malt

.25 oz Cascade at 60 minutes
.75 oz Cascade at 0 minutes

Muntons Dry Yeast

2 oz your favorite coffee in your primary fermenter (if using the Pico Equipment Kit, in the 1 G glass jug)

All Grain Instructions: 

Heat 3 quarts of water to 170 degrees, add grains and steep for 45 minutes. Keep water temp between 145-155, stirring every 15 minutes.
While steeping (also known as mashing),heat 1 gallon H2O into another pot to 160F for sparging. At end of steep, pour grains through a strainer into another pot. (You can use a grain sack to hold grains, but make sure you load them loosely and rinse very throughly)

Sparing: slowly pour the gallon of H2O over the strainer or grain bag and let drip into pot. Discard grains.

Boil: Bring liquid (wort) to a boil. Set a 60 minute timer,adding hops according to schedule (above).

At end of boil, take off heat, cool to 70-80F degrees. Pour coffee into 1 gallon jug (using funnel) first. than pour your wort, adding clean water if needed to reach one gallon. Place cap and shake to aerate. Uncap and pitch yeast (1/2 pkt), attach blow off tube.
Should begin bubbling within 24 hours. When fermentation subsides (5-7 days), wait additional 5 days and then bottle.

Volume in US Gallons: 
Official HBX Recipe: 
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