How I Went From a Mr. Beer Kit to All Grain Brewing

Mr. Beer Kit (not sold at HBX)Mr. Beer Kit My name is Dan Adams . I am a homebrewer and I have a secret. I started brewing with a Mr. Beer kit I bought on clearance at Fred Meyer. It’s true. This whole brewing thing was actually my brother’s idea. Our birthdays are one day apart and in 2010 as a birthday present to ourselves, we decided to split the cost of the Mr. Beer kit we saw on sale at Fred Meyer. After a while I realized I was having trouble with off flavors so I stopped into the Homebrew Exchange to ask a couple questions...

Are You Pitching Enough Yeast?

YeastYeastWhat makes a good beer great?

Proper fermentation! Having the right amount of clean, healthy yeast to get the job done can mean the difference between a good beer and a great beer. Yeast starters can ensure proper fermentation resulting in a beer with the appropriate flavor, body, and aroma. Many homebrewers start with Wyeast ACTIVATOR or White Labs pitchable vial and making a starter for these products can improve the performance of their yeasts.

Keep reading for details on how to make a starter...

Third Thursday Free Lecture Series with Beer: Tonight March 15th

Thursday, March 15, 2012 -
10:00am to 12:00pm

New 3rd Thursday Lecture Series.

This free event will happen on every 3rd Thursday at 6pm and will touch on a variety of topics throughout the year.

Our first speaker will be Owen Lingley from Wyeast Labratories. We will be sampling a batch of beer fermented with two different yeast strains. Come learn about yeast and taste how much yeast affects the flavor your beer.

Beer samples start at 5pm. Yeast talk starts at 6pm.

Best In Show: February HBX Party

Best In Show: Cory, Greg, PaulBest In Show: Cory, Greg, PaulThe Homebrew Exchange Party on February 17th was an amazing showing of variety and talent by customers and staff. Customers brought in beer, wine, mead, infused liquors, kombucha, and even pizza to our latest event. After tasting all these great things everyone voted for the ‘best’. It was a close contest with more than 50 votes. Here are the winners:

Bread Recipe: Beer Baguettes

Beer BaguettesBeer BaguettesWe wanted to share a tasty recipe for bread that is quick, and utilizes dark beer instead of water as the main source of moisture. The use of a dark beer and dry malt extract adds a lovely color, texture, and malty taste to the bread. This recipe makes about 1000g of dough and requires a scale to weigh out the ingredients...

Holiday Sales Continue Dec. 6th - Dec. 11th

This week we are offering 10% off any book with the purchase of a gift certificate. In store purchase only.

We have great books for beginners: The Complete Joy of Homebrewing, Beer Craft

For the more Advanced or Adventurous: How to Brew, Radical Brewing, Extreme Brewing, Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers

For the Cheesemaker: Homemade Cheese, Home Cheese Making, Making Artisan Cheese

And many more...

This Week's Sales, Winners of our Giveaways

Thanks to all who came out over the weekend. We are pleased to announce the winners of our recent giveaways:

Jon Grossart: 5 Gallon Brew Kit ($80 value)
Peter Shaffer: Mozzarella Kit

This weeks sale, Nov. 29-Dec.4: 10% all Equipment Kits, including our Pico Brewery (1 Gallon) Kit.

We will be having more giveaways during the month of December. To catch the next one, follow us on twitter @HomebrewXchange or stop by the store.


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