Homebrew "Exchange" Party

Friday, September 23, 2011 -
11:00am to 1:00pm

It's that time again to party at HBX. Our storefront construction is completed and we are glad to see the sun again. Come celebrate with us and bring something to share with your neighbors and friends.Sammy Beer

You can bring beer, wine, soda, cheese, just about anything you want to show off or want the opinion of another homebrewer. We would love to help you sample and answer any questions that you have.

There will be a raffle drawing for great prizes and a "Best in Show". This winner will receive $25 store credit, T-shirt, a chance to hand out there winnings at Kenton Third Thursday and much more.

Hope to see you there.
As always we are family friendly.

Recipe Contest Time Again

It is time to have another recipe contest. Our landlords' construction is almost over. It is time to start thinking about your next batch of beer, wine, mead, soda, or cheese. Share your your favorite recipe or create a new one.

Enter a beer, wine, or mead recipe on our website and win ingredients for your next batch, or other prizes. More details after the cut...

Winners randomly picked. One person will win ingredients for their next batch (up to $40 value) and four others will win t-shirts. Full details below...

Harnessing the Sun to make Beer

Saturday, June 25, 2011 -
5:00am to 11:00am

solar flareimage: Undertow851June 20, 2011 - For immediate release. Contact: Jocelyn Fabbri.

Portland, OR - The Homebrew Exchange (HBX), a DIY beer, soda, wine, and cheese making store located in North Portland, Oregon, will be conducting a solar-powered brewing demonstration at the North American Organic Brew Festival (NAOBF).

The solar-powered, organic brewing demonstration will begin at noon on Saturday. “We will be brewing an Imperial IPA recipe we created especially for this event,” said owner Jocelyn Fabbri. “We are also are excited to begin selling this recipe as our first organic beer ingredient kit, both in our store and online.” More details after the cut...

Homebrew Exchange to Debut New Brewing Ingredient Kits at the Kenton Street Fair

Portland, OR - The Homebrew Exchange (HBX), a DIY beer, soda, wine, and cheese making shop located in the Kenton neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, is introducing a new line of beer ingredient kits. Homebrew Exchange will debut these new items at the second annual Kenton Street Fair on Sunday, May 22.

Kenton Street Fair

Sunday, May 22, 2011 -
4:00am to 12:00pm

2nd Annual Kenton Street Fair on May 22nd from 11-7pm.
On Denver Ave, between N Watts and N Denver. Live Music on 2 stages, Coaster Car Race, Kids Activities.
Kenton Street FairKenton Street Fair

Homebrew Exchange: Selling handcrafted soda, potted hop plants, and for $1 dollar you can win a private brewing lesson or yogurt making class for up to 6 people. Will be doing a Brewing Demo from 12-5, store will be open until 7pm with some sampling of different products.

Home Brewers Come Together to Celebrate Signing of Oregon Senate Bill 444

April 12, 2010. For immediate release. Contact: Jocelyn Fabbri. 503-286-0343.

Portland, OR - The Homebrew Exchange will host an “exchange” party on Saturday, April 16 starting at 4pm to celebrate the signing of Oregon Senate Bill 444. This new legislation allows home brewers to share their fermented beverages outside the location where it was brewed. Home brewers, cheese makers, friends, and neighbors are invited to come and share their home made creations in celebration of the passing of SB 444.

The passing of SB444 will allow home brewers to again enter home brew competitions and share their brews outside the home. Jocelyn Fabbri, owner of Homebrew Exchange, says, "We are pleased to see this bill pass. The home brewing community in Portland is very active and homebrewers love to talk beer and share brews. This bill really makes that possible. The new law has made our customers very happy. They are excited to be able to share their hobby with their neighbors again."
The festivities will include a raffle and a best in show contest. As always, this is a family friendly event.

HBX "Exchange" Party coming in April

Saturday, April 16, 2011 -
9:00am to 1:00pm

It has been a while but we thought it would be time for another "exchange" party. If you haven't come before now is your chance to show off your wares.Sammy Beer

The next "Exchange" party is scheduled for April 16, 2011. Bring your homemade beverage, cheese, bread, etc.. Spend the afternoon trying a variety of goodies created by your neighbors. Be amazed at the quality of local home brewers and cheesemakers. We will again raffle off some prizes and have a little "Best of Show" contest.
Family friendly as always.


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