Meet our Featured Brewer, Fall 2010

Best in ShowBest in Show
Our featured brewer, Timothy Peters, won our best in show contest at HBX's last 'Exchange Party' in October. His winning entry was a Smoked Scotch Ale. You can meet Tim and try his amazing Honey Kolsch at Homebrew Exchange on Third Thursday.

Here is our interview with Tim:

1. How many years have you been brewing?
I first tried brewing in 2003 and was hooked right away. Shortly after, I ordered my own equipment and have had my own beer in bottle or on tap continuously since then.

2. What type of brewing (all grain/extract)?
I switched to all grain in 2006, but have gone back to extract here and there when brewing with friends. Some brewing friends and I are working out plans for a larger all grain structure, but haven't got beyond the thinking and drinking stage yet.

Read the rest of the interview after the cut...

Basic Cultured Dairy and Soft Cheese Class

Saturday, October 30, 2010 -
8:00am to 10:00am

Class is FULL!
Instructor: Eleanor Gordon, a cheese and fermentation fanatic

If you have never made cheese before but would like to get started, then this is the class for you!
Come learn how easy cheesemaking can be. This class will cover basic cultured dairy and cheesemaking, including equipment and ingredients. Learn how to make fresh soft cheeses and have fun doing it. We will make and taste yogurt, cultured butter, crème fraiche, kefir, mascarpone, chevre and frommage blanc. More details after the cut...

First Anniversary HBX 'Exchange' Party

Saturday, October 23, 2010 -
9:00am to 1:00pm

The next "Exchange" party is scheduled for October 23, 2010. Bring your homemade beverage, cheese, bread, etc.. Spend the afternoon trying a variety of goodies created by your neighbors. Be amazed at the quality of local home brewers and cheesemakers. We will again raffle off some prizes and have a little "Best of Show" contest.
Family friendly as always.

2010 Hop Harvest Time

Does he look happy?: Doug Ellenberger, Everybodys BrewingIt is hop harvest time again, and we're finally receiving fresh hops from local growers. Those of you who planted your own hops should be harvesting soon. Our Nugget vines are coming down as we speak. We'll place the cones onto reclaimed window screens and keep a fan underneath them to dry them out.

The picture on the right (click to enlarge) was recently sent to us by Doug Ellenberger, who is a brewer at Everybody's Brewing. We just met Doug at the Laurelwood Collaborative Brewer's Dinner (which blew our minds, by the way).

Kombucha Making 101

Thursday, September 23, 2010 -
11:00am to 12:30pm

Thursday September 23 @ 6pm

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is often drunk for medicinal purposes. It is a living culture of beneficial microorganism. According to GT Kombucha, "it is not a supplement, drug, or medicine... it is simply a super healthy food that promotes overall well being and helps the body to find (or regain) its natural balance.

Most kombucha is less than 30 calories per 12 oz bottle and about 2 grams of sugar (of course this depends on your ingredients).


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