Rogue Pacman Yeast (Wyeast 1764-PC)

A new shipment of Wyeast just arrived. Available here is the Pacman yeast, from Rogue breweries. A fairly neutral strain with a dry mild fruit finish. Pacman's flavor profile and performance make it a great choice for so many different kinds of beers. A few that are suggested: American Pale Ale, American Amber Ale, American Brown Ale, Brown Porter, Cream Ale, American IPA, Imperial IPA, the list goes on.

Alcohol Tolerance: 12% ABV
Flocculation: med-high
Attenuation: 72-78%
Temp Range: 60-72F (15-22C)

Try this yeast in your next batch of homebrew.

New Inventory Arriving Each Week

This week we just received a new shipment of new products. We have some nice new pint glasses, featuring some of Oregon's favorite brews: Rogue's Dead Guy, Bridgeport's Blue Heron, and Portland Brewing's MacTarnahans.

From Wyeast we've added the Cider and Sweet Mead yeasts, as well as Northwest Ale yeast. We've added a bunch of other little items as well, such as the wine thief, which makes taking samples of wine or beer out of your carboy very easy.

One Month Anniversary!!!

On October 16 we reached a milestone, one month of being open for business. We wanted to thank all our customers for coming in and giving our new store a chance.

We have been busy ordering new items almost every week to try and keep up with all the good suggestions we have been receiving, so keep them coming.

Cool New Product: The Big and Easy

The Big and Easy is a very cheap and fun introduction to home brewing. It consists of a two liter bottle of unfermented beer (wort). All it takes is a twist of the cap to release the yeast capsule and the fermentation process starts. Wait about 10 days, chill, then drink! This makes for a very unique and cool gift because literally anyone can brew their own beer with a couple of minutes of effort.

The benefits of the Big & Easy are:


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