New Inventory Arriving Each Week

This week we just received a new shipment of new products. We have some nice new pint glasses, featuring some of Oregon's favorite brews: Rogue's Dead Guy, Bridgeport's Blue Heron, and Portland Brewing's MacTarnahans.

From Wyeast we've added the Cider and Sweet Mead yeasts, as well as Northwest Ale yeast. We've added a bunch of other little items as well, such as the wine thief, which makes taking samples of wine or beer out of your carboy very easy.

One Month Anniversary!!!

On October 16 we reached a milestone, one month of being open for business. We wanted to thank all our customers for coming in and giving our new store a chance.

We have been busy ordering new items almost every week to try and keep up with all the good suggestions we have been receiving, so keep them coming.

Cool New Product: The Big and Easy

The Big and Easy is a very cheap and fun introduction to home brewing. It consists of a two liter bottle of unfermented beer (wort). All it takes is a twist of the cap to release the yeast capsule and the fermentation process starts. Wait about 10 days, chill, then drink! This makes for a very unique and cool gift because literally anyone can brew their own beer with a couple of minutes of effort.

The benefits of the Big & Easy are:

We Have Cheese Making Kits

Rickis Mozz KitRickis Mozz KitHave you ever thought of making your own cheese? Our cheese kits make it really easy. We have a Mozzarella and Ricotta Kit from the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company. I also just finished putting together an "Easy Paneer" kit complete with butter muslin (a fine cheesecloth), citric acid, cheese salt, and step-by-step directions.

Third Thursday Tonight in Kenton!

Kenton Third Thursday @ HBXKenton Third Thursday @ HBXTonight be part of the exciting new Third Thursdays in Kenton. Businesses in the neighborhood will have their doors open, for an art walk and community gathering. As the newest business in this great area we are excited to be part of this night.

Come sample some Lemon Balm Ale, made from fresh lemon balm (picked in our friends backyard), brown sugar and a light malt. It is quite refreshing!!

Hope to see you there.

Grand Opening day: Wednesday Sept. 16th

The Homebrew Exchange is having our Grand Opening tomorrow, Wednesday, September 16th. Come see our new store. All customers receive a free gift on our grand opening day.

After much hard work our store is ready to serve all your home brewing (beer, wine, mead, soda) and cheese making needs. Come by and let us know what you think about our merchandise. We need your feedback about which items you'd like us to carry, as we are constantly ordering new stock.

Building the HBX Barley Mill (Grinder).

A story and pictures of a long ordeal building a grain mill for grinding malted barley.

The mission started simply; build a safe, dummy-proof grain mill that customers can use in a homebrewing supply store to grind their bulk grains. Really, I would have preferred to buy a finished product, but all I could find were stone grist mills that started around $4500. This was out of our budget.

Help Wanted...Opening Soon

The store is coming along, and hope to open our doors very soon. I have been busy stocking the shelves, learning to use a POS (Point of Sale), pricing inventory, talking to vendors, and the list goes on. This has been a big jump into the business world for someone who used to be a physical therapist. I am having a lot of fun doing it, wondering how I manage it all with Adria (my one year old) running around the store.

Wanted to put up a Help Wanted message. I am looking for an employee to work part time in the store. If interested or know someone who is please send a resume to:


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