It's time for our fall Exchange Party!!

Friday, October 18, 2013 -
11:30am to 2:30pm

You've done your part. You grew the pumpkins and made the beer. You picked the fruit and make cider or wine. You aged the mead. You made some delicious cheese. You pickled cucumbers from your beautiful garden. You have a bucket full of fermented fall stuff and now you're ready to celebrate by sharing with others.

The wait is over! On Friday, Oct 18th at 6:30 we'll celebrate fall flavors with The Homebrew Exchange Party.

#pdxbeergeeks Second Anniversary Event

Our friends at #pdxbeergeeks are putting on a geeky movie and beer event at the Hollywood Theater to celebrate their second anniversary. The event raises money for the charity Outside In, and will feature a showing of the fan mashup of the original Star Wars movies, Star Wars Uncut.

Date ~ July 14th, 2013
Time ~ Show starts at 3:30 pm
Place ~ Hollywood Theater
Price ~ $7/adult
$5/children (Ages 1-12)

Crooked Tasting Party and Brew Demo

Saturday, June 29, 2013 -
9:00am to 12:00pm

Come to our homebrew tasting party and live brewing demo on Saturday June 29 at our store on 6550 N Interstate Ave. We will be providing home brewed beer samples, snacks, and a live brewing demo.

In case you haven't heard, we are raising money to open a new neighborhood patio and small tap room called the Crooked Bottle. For the full story, see our video below, or at This event is our final fundraiser before our Monday deadline to raise money for the new neighborhood hangout. Full details below...

Are We Hiring?

Sammy Beer
We are always looking for good people to join our team. If you like making people happy, and are in to DIY fermentation, check out our jobs page for how to apply. Even if you miss the current hiring spot, we will go through our file of resumes and contact people for our next round.

Our Kickstarter Campaign: Ways You Can Help

Crooked Comic CropWe just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to build a new pilot brewery, tap room, and food cart patio. This article lists some ways you can help make this a success. Also see our press release and Kickstarter page..

Make no mistake, our crowd funding campaign is pretty ambitious. We have to raise an average of $1000 a day to meet our minimum funding goal. If this goal is not met, no money changes hands, and the project fails. To succeed, we need the help of people like you.

Keep reading below for ways you can help...

June Bargains and Father's Day

We've found some great deals for the month of June. These are fantastic options for Father's Day.

Get set up to brew outdoors with a quality propane burner for just $70. Upgrade to a nice big 26 quart stainless steel pot for just $80. Get equipped with a kegging system for just $180. Or try some awesome new hops for just $1.75. Click below for the full flyer.

Our Love Affair with Czech Pilsner

Plzeňský Prazdroj Open FermentersPlzeňský Prazdroj Open FermentersIn this article, we talk about Czech Pilsner, and why we love it so. We then talk about how to make the original style at home.

It all started on our honeymoon to the Czech republic back in 2005. Being beer lovers, we spent a couple of days in Pilzen, where the original pilsner beer was made.

While in the Czech republic, we ate out frequently, and enjoyed the Czech beers. They were very drinkable and balanced. They were hoppy by historical standards, but not when compared to the craft beers popular in the northwest US at the time. The Czech people drink the most beer per capita, by a wide margin. Part of this is culture, but part of it is the supreme drinkability of the Czech pilsners. Keep reading below...


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