Big and Easy Bottle Brew - Red Lager 2L

Brewery in a Bottle

Awesome Gift

  1. Switch caps (yeast falls in).
  2. Wait 10 days then drink fresh beer!

Yes, it is that easy.

This fun product is a great introduction to homebrewing and allows just about anyone to make great tasting beer in about 2 weeks - without any equipment at all. All you need is this kit and a glass!

The Big & Easy Bottle Brew is pasteurized, unfermented beer filled in 2 liter bottles and equipped with a unique pressure cap. The only task left is to add the innovative yeast capsule to each bottle to start the fermentation. Wait 10 days. Chill. Then serve! Each 2 liter bottle is about the same volume as 6 regular beer bottles. The Big & Easy Bottle Brew is professionally brewed and bottled in a micro brewery using only the best selected barley malt, imported hops and purified water. It is NOT made from malt concentrate.
The Big and Easy Bottle Brew rivals any premium commercial beer in taste and quality:
* Perfect beer every time
* No equipment or brewing knowledge required
* No cleaning, mixing or transferring
* No need to clean bottles after consumption – bottles go right into the recycling box
* Fast and easy to do
* Great savings over commercial beer
The Big & Easy Bottle Brew is a ‘one of a kind’ product that allows beer drinkers to experience beer making in your own home! Your family & friends will be impressed!