NoPo Nut Brown [pico]

A Homebrew Beer Recipe

Style (BJCP): 
10D. Brown Ale - American Brown Ale
All Grain Ingredients: 

1 lb 10 oz 2 row
2 oz Crystal 80
2 oz Victory
1 oz Chocolate Malt

.25 oz Mt. Hood Hops @ 60 min
.25 oz M.t Hood Hops @ 15 min

Muntons ale yeast

All Grain Instructions: 

Heat 3 qt H20 to 170F. Add grains (in grain sock) and steep for 50 minutes. Try to maintain temperature around 155F.

While steeping, heat two quarts H20 in another pot to 160F for sparging. At end of steep, pull grain bag out and hold above pot to drip for 30 seconds. Sparge: slowly pour the 6 cups of H20 over the grain bag and let drip into pot. Discard grains.

Combine wort into larger pot and bring it all to a boil. Set a 60 minute timer, adding hops according to schedule (above).

At end of boil, cool to about 85F, pour into glass jug. Top off with clean water to 1 gallon mark. Pitch yeast and attach blow-off hose.
When fermentation subsides (5-7 days), add 1/4 oz cascade (dry hop). Wait 5 days and then bottle.

Volume in US Gallons: 
Final Gravity: 
Original Gravity: 
SRM (color): 
Official HBX Recipe: 
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