A Homebrew Beer Recipe

Style (BJCP): 
Extract Ingredients: 

2 lbs Golden Ale Malt Extract
1 cup Wild Flower Honey
2 oz Belgian Candi Syrup

Extract Instructions: 

Cook Mash/Herbs for 30 - 45 minutes at 175 deg. F, no higher than 180 deg. F.
Cool Wort for 10 minutes at 150 deg. F
Add extracts/whirlock - cook 15 minutes at a rolling boil.

All Grain Ingredients: 

0.5 lb of Special B Malt

Herbs In Order of Quantity
Heather Tops - 4 oz
Rosemary - 2 twigs
Sage - One Leaf Chopped
Wormwood - A healthy pinch
Mugwort - A healthy pinch
(Note: Wormwood and Mugwort together can produce a stimulating intoxicating reaction.)

All Grain Instructions: 

Put Special B and Herbs in muslim bag.
Cook at 175 deg. F
Cool 150 deg. F for 10 minutes
Bring back to rolling boil and add extracts/whirlock. Cook for 15 minutes.
Cool Wort to 75 - 70 deg. F

Pitch yeast at 70 deg. F (I use my own cultivated ale yeast that is robust enough for a two-week fermentation.) I recommend Saisson Yeast if you don't have your own. Since this isn't a 5 gallon recipe, I would split the yeast package - half now and half for a secondary rack. Be sure you have a sterile glass container to hold the remaining yeast until use and refrigerate. Use Yeast Activator per instructions in a glass container - 100 deg. F and cover with tin foil for 10 minutes. Let cool then pitch.

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