Homebrew Exchange / Look Long Brewing Looking for New Ownership

Homebrew Exchange LLC(HBX) and DBA, Look Long Brewing Company is looking for new ownership and/or managers. Our current crew of employee owners have done great work running the business, but are ready to pass the torch to the next owners. If you or someone you know is interested in the Homebrew Exchange / Look Long Brewing Company business and/or space, please contact us. More details below...

Interview: New Employee Owners talk Fundraiser and Brewery

Our new employee co-owners, Stan and Brandon, sat down for a Q & A with founders Jocelyn and Aaron Fabbri to talk about their past, and the future of the business.

Aaron Fabbri (AF): When did you guys start brewing?

Stan: We really started brewing when we moved to Portland area almost six years ago.  Before that, we had dabbled a little bit in college.

AF:  Why did you start making your own beer, and what has kept you interested in brewing over the years?


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