yarrow beer recipes

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yarrow beer recipes

Hi. I'm looking for any recipes that use the herb Yarrow. Beer, gruit, mead, or wine. Please post a link when you've added it to our recipe database.

Try this Gruit (unhopped herbal) Ale recipe

Manimal Gruit: http://homebrewexchange.net/node/6

This one was really good after it aged a little.

O Gope Yarrow Ale

In Charlie Papazian's book The complete Joy of Homebrewing (3rd Ed.) page 221 there is a great Yarrow Ale recipe. It's a three gallon extract recipe calling for five ounces of fresh Yarrow.

Thanks for the tip; I didn't

Thanks for the tip; I didn't even notice that recipe. I'll have to check it out. I think we have an old 2nd edition of the book at home but we definitely carry the latest one in our store.

We have some yarrow hanging in the garage that needs to go in a batch. It would be fun to have an herbal beer tasting party at the store. If we could get a couple of brewers to bring some samples it could be very interesting.

O'Dark:30 Clone wanted

Of all the beer forums online, I would have thought that HBX would have had a clone recipe for Oakshire's O'Dark:30. I once had the BYO recipe from Dec 2011, but I guess I lost that magazine in one of my moves from state to state. If anyone has a clone recipe, OR a copy of the recipe from BYO, I'd appreciate an email copy if I could get one (mispamail@ gmail.com). Thanks,Jim

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