Wholesale - Make More

About Make More

Make More Wholesale sells unique products to retailers. Make More is the parent company of Homebrew Exchange, a small brewing and DIY foods retailer in Portland, Oregon. At Make More Wholesale, our goal is to create unique products which allow small stores like ours to grow revenue.

Apply For Wholesale Account

Contact us for a wholesale account application. We require you to have a physical, retail store which is open to the public.

Which Items Do We Wholesale?

Please contact us for a catalog.

Where to Find Our Products

As we add retailers, we will keep a list of all the stores that carry Make More products, along with a one sentence description and link to their website.

We Support Retailers

We sell unique items at prices that support retail stores. We believe that:

  • Brick and mortar stores add a lot of value by allowing customers to see and touch merchandise.
  • Retail stores support customers by offering advice and knowledge.
  • Retailers offer manufacturers a valuable showroom to display products, and should be compensated for this.
  • Manufacturers and wholesalers need to support retail stores.

We support our retailers by:

  • Providing unique and differentiating products to help you grow revenue.
  • Offering them margins that allow them to pay the bills.
  • Not undercutting our retailers by selling online at a similar price to wholesale.
  • Not selling to random people who unload merchandise on craigslist or ebay at near cost.
  • Sending free samples of merchandise for you to evaluate.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like us to send you our latest price sheet.